University of Miami School of Law Earns International Plaudits


University of Miami Lawpic

University of Miami Law

David Simon guides Twin Capital Management, an alternative investment management firm in New York City. In his position as CIO and Managing Member, David Simon draws upon his background in finance and his education at the University of Miami School of Law, where he earned his JD, magna cum laude.

One of America’s top law schools, the University of Miami School of Law has trained more than 17,000 legal scholars, attorneys, business leaders, and political figures from around the world since its founding in 1928. Today, the school boasts a diverse student body, prominent legal faculty members, and a number of research centers, clinics, and graduate programs that have earned acclaim.

Recently, the International Jurist, a distinguished industry publication, ranked the University of Miami School of Law as one of the top schools for international law students in the world. The publication pointed out the school’s location in a gateway city as well as its diverse student body.

The International Jurist also identified many highly respected LLM programs at the University of Miami School of Law as a draw for international lawyers seeking graduate educations. In addition to having one of only three graduate programs in maritime law, the University of Miami School of Law offers the only graduate program in entertainment, arts, and sports law in the United States.


HELP USA Breaks Ground for New Veterans’ Housing Project


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Veterans’ Housing

After graduating magna cum laude from Muhlenberg College and the University of Miami School of Law, David Simon began a distinguished career in finance that has spanned more than three decades. The CIO and managing member of Twin Capital Management, David Simon gives back to the community through his support of charitable organizations such as HELP USA.

For more than three decades, HELP USA has served the nation’s veterans, people who are homeless, and people with special needs through initiatives that include housing and financial assistance. Though HELP USA has expanded in size and range of services over the years, the organization continues to focus on its core purpose of housing homeless veterans.

The latest project of HELP USA began in May 2018, when the mayor of Washington, DC, joined organization representatives to officially break ground on the adaptation of part of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center into a 77-unit housing complex for veterans. The project, partly financed by TD Bank, will provide fully functioning, permanent apartments for veterans without homes or in transitional housing.

The complex is part of a much larger redevelopment project at the former hospital site that will include 2,100 residential units and commercial spaces. Additionally, the development will feature a hotel, a charter school, and 20 acres of open park space.

Analysts Optimistic about Merger Arbitrage Strategies


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Merger Arbitrage

A magna cum laude graduate of both Muhlenberg College and the University of Miami School of Law, David Simon is the CIO and managing member of New York-based Twin Capital Management. A well-known figure in the alternative investment industry, David Simon has received many awards for his investment performance with Twin Capital, including multiple awards for merger arbitrage.

A common yet complicated form of investing, merger arbitrage, also often referred to as “risk arbitrage,” is the practice of buying and selling the stocks of two companies involved in a merger and taking advantage of the fact that the stock of companies being taken over often trades at a discount for a period of time. The strategy relies upon identifying inefficiencies in the merger and acquisition process while calculating the risk of a merger not completing on time or at all.

Though merger arbitrage has been a popular and successful strategy in hedge funds for decades, the strategy’s relative success relies heavily on many factors, including the actions of regulatory bodies. In the early part of 2018, the potential of a trade war with China, coupled with questions about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) would handle vertical mergers, created uncertainty in the merger arbitrage market.

However, according to a May 2018 report, industry analysts expect the concerns to ease. Analysts think merger arbitrage will return to historical performance levels in the near future.

Muhlenberg College Undergraduate Business Awards


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Muhlenberg College

David Simon began his distinguished career as a corporate lawyer before moving into risk arbitrage/event driven investment management. He currently guides Twin Capital Management, an alternative investment management firm based in New York City. To prepare for his career, David Simon earned a law degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Miami and a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude, from Muhlenberg College, where he studied accounting and finance and graduated magna cum laude.

Founded in 1848, Muhlenberg College has earned a reputation as one of the most selective and innovative liberal arts colleges in the United States. Located in historic Allentown, Pennsylvania, the college offers its students a range of academic and career development programs, including a unique business program that trains students for careers in the accounting and finance professions through a combination of top-tier instruction and diverse liberal arts training.

Each year, the college honors the best students in the department of accounting, business, and economics through an awards program. The program comprises seven different awards, each with its own criteria. For example, the Paul M. White ’27 Business Award honors a junior-year student who plans to enter the retail industry, while the Russell Fulford Award goes to a senior economics major with the highest grade point average. Other awards include scholarships for top students and honors sponsored by organizations such as the Wall Street Journal.