HELP USA Builds Communities and Self-Reliance


David Simon Twin Capital Photo

David Simon, Twin Capital

David Simon operates as a Co-Chief Investment officer and Managing Member of Twin Capital Management, LLC, in New York City. Informed by decades of experience, he has been a featured guest speaker and quoted expert for numerous media outlets. David Simon also supports organizations such as HELP USA, Inc., that reach out with practical assistance to help people in need.

HELP USA builds, renovates, and maintains long-term and temporary housing for United States military servicepeople experiencing homelessness. Additionally, it works to provide shelter and other basic needs to at-risk individuals and families. Its efforts have focused on New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Nevada, and Maryland.

The organization doesn’t just focus on building homes: It views the construction of a home for a person or family in need as the first step toward building a true sense of community and helping people to regain their sense of self-reliance.

HELP USA got its start in 1986, at a time when the country was experiencing a major housing crisis. Since then, it has provided shelter to more than half a million people, constructed more than 2,000 individual housing units, and fought hunger by serving some 6 million meals.

Recent new projects include the construction of the HELP Veterans Village in Perry Point, Maryland; a large-scale renovation at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center; and a New York City-based affordable, LGBTQ-friendly housing complex.


Nonprofit Partnership Creates New Effort to Treat Pediatric Cancer


Solving Kids' Cancerpic

Solving Kids’ Cancer

As the Managing Member and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Twin Capital Management, LLC, David Simon directs the operations of a 30-year-old investment firm. Focusing on alternative investments such as hedge funds, Twin Capital works with a variety of high-net-worth and institutional clients. David Simon is additionally a committed donor to charitable organizations, particularly those such as Solving Kids’ Cancer (“SKC”) that are dedicated to the needs of children and young people.

SKC works to bring innovations in treatment based on clinical trials to children with the most aggressive cancers.

In one recent development, SKC partnered with two other nonprofit groups to provide monetary support for a Phase 1 clinical trial of the workings of combination checkpoint inhibitors in fighting brain tumors in children. The success of this partnership opened the door for an international Phase 2 expansion sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb. From an initial base at four medical centers in the United States, the project has grown to include dozens of locations in 13 nations.

SKC spokespeople point out that the fruitful collaboration among the original three nonprofits drove the project to its current stage as a major international effort. This series of trials represents the first-ever initiative to use this particular combination of immunotherapies for the benefit of children fighting brain tumors and holds promise for opening up avenues for additional future innovative research.

HELP USA Offers Transitional Housing and Job Services on Sliding Scale


David Simon Twin Capital Photo

David Simon, Twin Capital

A New York City-based alternative asset management professional, David Simon serves as a Managing Member, CEO, and a Co-Chief Investment Officer of Twin Capital Management, LLC. In addition to his investment management responsibilities at Twin Capital, David Simon enjoys supporting various non-profit organizations, including HELP USA.

Focused on providing affordable transitional housing to people who need a fresh start, HELP USA aims to help people in need get back on their feet. While a fee is usually required for participation in a transitional housing program, HELP USA offers a sliding-scale payment system. Generally, transitional housing programs charge about one-third of the resident’s current income level.

In addition to housing, HELP USA sites offer on-site job placement and job training programs to help residents learn the skills they need to become more self-reliant. Other services provided at housing sites may include substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and counseling and support for those who have experienced domestic violence.

Muhlenberg College Offers Washington, DC, Internship for a Semester

Muhlenberg College


Now serving as the CEO and a Co-Chief Investment Officer at Twin Capital Management, LLC, David Simon founded the company 30 years ago. Before launching Twin Capital, David Simon graduated magna cum laude from both the University of Miami School of Law and Muhlenberg College.

For some students, a highlight of studying at Muhlenberg is the semester spent as an intern in Washington, DC. With opportunities for students in any field of study to be immersed in the field and surrounded by mentors, Muhlenberg’s Washington Semester allows students to live, study, and work in the nation’s capital while earning a full semester of academic credit.

Showing the wide variety of internship placement options, Muhlenberg students have been welcomed at organizations and institutions such as the American Bar Association Committee on Immigration, the Department of Justice’s Office of Legislative Affairs, the White House, the Office of Migration and Refugee Services, CBS News, and the Middle East Institute.