Oncolytic Virus Therapy Now in Phase 1 Clinical Trial Among Children


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Solving Kids’ Cancer
Image: solvingkidscancer.org

In 1988, David Simon founded Twin Capital Management, LLC, a company based in New York, New York, and is currently the firm’s Co-Chief investment officer. Outside of his business commitment to overseeing Twin Capital, David Simon supports different charitable organizations such as Solving Kids’ Cancer.

New York-based organization Solving Kids’ Cancer focuses on helping develop treatments for aggressive childhood cancers with low survival rates. Through the years, the organization has been instrumental in the creation of effective treatments to combat childhood cancer through clinical trials and research.

One of their treatments involves a brain cancer therapy that has just recently been made available to children with high-grade brain tumors. In 2017, the oncolytic virus therapy in adults was made available to children in phase 1 clinical trials. Co-funded by the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, the treatment is given to children aged 0-15 years old with recurrent high-grade gliomas. The PVS-RIPO poliovirus is delivered to the tumor using convection-enhanced delivery, an emerging technology that delivers agents to the tumors in the brain using a small catheter.